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About Modifying Measurement Units
You can edit, rename, delete, or obtain information about existing measurement units and unit systems using the Units Manager dialog box. To open the dialog box, click change in the Units line in the Model Properties dialog box that opens when you click File > Prepare > Model Properties. You can modify measurement unit systems using the Systems of Units tab, and individual units using the Units tab.
The following modification options are available on the Units Manager dialog box.
Copy—You can make a copy of an existing unit or system of units, or you can use this command to rename a unit or a custom system of units by creating a copy with a different name.
Edit—You can edit a custom unit or a custom system of units that you previously created. You cannot edit an existing system or unit provided by Creo Parametric, such as Meter Kilogram Second (MKS) or cm.
Delete—You can delete a custom unit or system of units and revert to a Creo Parametric-provided unit or system. You cannot delete Creo Parametric-defined units or unit systems.
Info—This command is available for unit systems only, not for individual units. You can display information about the basic units and dimensions of the current system of units and about the derived units that follow from this system. You can save, copy, or edit this information by using the options in the Information window.