Workcell Parameters
Workcell parameters can be set, saved, and retrieved using the same procedures as for NC sequence parameters. The default extension for a workcell parameter file is .cel. The workcell parameters are the same for all workcell types. When you choose Retrieve from the Mfg Params menu, only files with .cel extension appear in the list.
The workcell parameters (except AUTO_POPULATABLE and TOOL_CHG_COMMAND) are for information purposes only; they are not used for setting the NC sequence parameters or CL data output.
The following parameters can be specified for a workcell:
MACHINE_ID—The machine ID. The default is a dash (-).
LOCATION—The machine location. The default is a dash (-).
CONTROLLER—The controller name. The default is a dash (-).
RAPID_FEED_RATE—The feed rate used for rapid traverse. The default is a dash (-).
TOOL_CHANGE_TIME—Time needed for changing a tool. The default is a dash (-).
CELL_X_MIN —Minimum size of a workcell along its x-axis.
CELL_X_MAX—Maximum size of a workcell along its x-axis.
CELL_Y_MIN—Minimum size of a workcell along its y-axis.
CELL_Y_MAX—Maximum size of a workcell along its y-axis.
CELL_MAX_FEED—Maximum allowable feedrate for the workcell.
MAX_TURRET_SIZE—Maximum allowable turret size for the workcell.
AUTO_POPULATABLE—If set to YES, all newly created NC sequences are automatically included in the Populate feature. The default is NO.
TOOL_CHG_TYPE—Defines the tool change type for the workcell: TURRET (default) or CHANGER.
TOOL_CHG_COMMAND—Specifies if tool rotation is to be considered a tool change command when minimizing tool changes. Note that this parameter only affects the default setting in the menu; you can make the appropriate selection directly at the time of tool path optimization, independent of the setting of this parameter. The values are LOAD (default) and LOAD_&_ROTATE.
Values for CELL_X_MIN, CELL_X_MAX, etc., should be the actual dimensions that indicate the extent of the workcell relative to the machine coordinate system. For instance, if a workcell is 60 inches wide, and the origin of the machine coordinate system is located halfway between the ends, the value of CELL_X_MIN should be -30 and the value of CELL_X_MAX should be 30.
If you display or otherwise output the CL data for an NC sequence that exceeds the limitations of the workcell in which it is defined, the Information Window appears. The window contains a list of the values of the limits that have been exceeded and their corresponding actual values in the manufacturing model. When you dismiss the Information Window, the CL data displays in its current state.
FROM_OUTPUT—Specifies how the FROM statement will be output to an operation CL data file:
NO_FROM_S (default)—No FROM statements are output. If a From point is specified, its location is output as FREE_FEED, GOTO.
FIRST_FROM—A FROM statement is output at the beginning of the file. It corresponds to the location of the From point, if specified, or to the first location on the tool path for the first NC sequence. All other NC sequences are added to the operation without a FROM statement. For a workcell with two heads, there will be two FROM statements: one for Head1 and one for Head2.
ALL_SEQ_FROM_SFROM statements are output at the beginning of each NC sequence. For the first NC sequence, this FROM statement corresponds to the location of the operation From point, if specified, or to the first location on the tool path for this NC sequence.