Creo NC Sheetmetal > Contouring NC Sequences > To Specify Shakeaway Points
To Specify Shakeaway Points
1. In the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, click the NC Seq tab.
2. Click NEW > Contouring (you must be in a Contouring or Hybrid workcell). The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens.
Alternatively, select the required NC sequence and click Operate > Redefine to redefine an existing NC sequence. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens.
3. While defining or redefining a contouring NC sequence, click Shakeaway Points and Define. The SMT Shakeaway dialog box opens.
4. Specify the shakeaway Width and Offset.
5. Select one of the following parameters in the Definition box:
By number—Specify the number of shakeaway points that you want to evenly distribute on each cut contour in the Number box. The number of shakeaway points is defined by the AUTOSHAKE_COUNT parameter.
By distance—Specify the distance between the shakeaway points in the Distance box. This distance is defined by the DISTANCE_BETWEEN_SHAKEAWAYS parameter.
Manually—Click Add new and select a shakeaway point on the selected chain of edges. Note that you cannot select or add chain endpoints. Manually is the default.
If required, click Delete and select one of the following:
Delete selected—Delete the shakeaway points by selection.
Delete last—Delete the latest created shakeaway point.
Delete all—Delete all shakeaway points.
6. Click Done in the SMT Shakeaway dialog box. The shakeaway points are created based on the shakeaway definition you specified.
A shakeaway point has lower priority than other control points defined for the exit or approach motion, corner conditions, or the user-defined CL commands. You cannot place a shakeaway point at a distance that is 10 times its epsilon offset. For example, you cannot place large number of shakeaway points for a small contour.