To Populate NC Sequences
The Populate tab, located in the SMM POPULATE dialog box, enables you to populate NC sequences from a single master part to all of its instances on the workpiece. You can include or exclude a part from population.
You must indicate that an NC sequence references a model before population of an NC sequence. The populated NC sequence mimics the pattern of the reference model instances on the workpiece. This relationship is established automatically for automatically created NC sequence types. All references are used to create a reference part for manually created NC sequences.
The following functions are present in the Populate tabbed page:
Set selected NC sequences to be populated and include items to the list.
Set selected NC sequences to be unpopulated and exclude items from the list.
Change reference part for selected NC sequence.
Select item from the list.
Select item from the screen.
Select all items in the list.
The NC Seq > POPULATE menu allows you to select one or more of the following options.
A populate feature exists if a blue mark, located next to the POPULATE button, is present.
Create—Creates a new populate feature.
Delete—Deletes a populate feature.
Redefine—Redefines a populate feature.
Suppress—Suppresses a populate feature.
Resume—Resumes a previously suppressed populate feature.
Info—Obtains information about the populate feature.
The Status column of the list located in the Populate tab indicates the populate status of an NC sequence . The status of an NC sequence can be as follows:
—To populate the NC sequence.
—To unpopulate the NC sequence.
—You must indicate the reference part for the populate feature to determine how to populate the sequence from one location to the entire worksheet.
If the workcell parameter AUTO_POPULATABLE is set to Yes, all newly created NC sequences are automatically included in the populated feature. The default is No. If the workcell parameter AUTO_POPULATABLE is set to Yes, the system prompts you at the time you define the NC sequence to select a reference part to use to create the tool path for all duplicate parts (if AUTO_POPULATABLE is No, then the system will issue this prompt when you include such an NC sequence in the populate feature).
There can be only one populate feature in a manufacturing process. It is automatically reordered to come after all the NC sequence features in the workpiece. When you create new NC sequences, the populate feature automatically updates to include them provided AUTO_POPULATABLE is set to Yes.