Creo NC Sheetmetal > Manufacturing Model > To Place a Previously Defined Group in Another Manufacturing Model
To Place a Previously Defined Group in Another Manufacturing Model
1. From the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, click Utilities > Feature > Group.
2. Click Create from the GROUP menu.
3. Click From UDF Lib from the CREATE GROUP menu.
4. Retrieve the group by name. The PLACE OPTS menu appears.
5. Select if the group is to be Independent or UDF Driven. You are prompted to enter group elements.
As you answer the prompts for group elements, the WHICH REF menu appears. Select one of the following options:
Alternate—Select a reference for the current element.
Same—Use the same reference as in the reference part. This option appears only if the group contains a reference part information, and this reference part is present in the current manufacturing assembly.
Skip—Skip the current prompt without selecting a reference. After you answer all the other prompts, the system enables you to redefine the skipped element.
The Skip option is available only for UDFs created in Release 16.0 and later.
6. After the UDF placement is completed, a namelist menu of all NC sequences included in the group appears. Check off one or more NC sequences whose tool or parameters you want to modify (you can use Select All). The MOD NC SEQ menu appears with the following options:
Tool—Changes the tool.
Parameters—Modifies the NC sequence parameters.
Click Done when finished.
If you skip some of the prompts, the appropriate user interface is invoked to enable you to redefine the skipped element.
7. The GRP PLACE menu then appears. Select one or more of the following options:
Redefine—Redefines all elements related to the skipped prompts.
Show Result—Previews the group.
Info—Displays information about the group being created in the Information Window.
Choose Done from the GRP PLACE menu to finalize the group.
8. The group is placed in the new model.