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To Output CL Data Using Distributed Batch
1. In your system window, type [dsq_start_dbatchc]. The system displays the Creo Distributed Batch dialog box.
2. Type the name of the batch file and the command to use with Creo Distributed Batch (that is, the command you use to start up Creo Parametric), in the appropriate input fields at the bottom of the window.
3. Click File > Open. The system displays the Select DXC file dialog box.
4. Set the filter in the Select DXC file dialog box to manufacture file (*.mfg). Select the manufacturing model(s) and click Add Objects.
5. Add as many models as you want, then click Close Browser.
6. Highlight the manufacturing model entries in the dialog box.
7. From the main menu, click Options > Set Action > clfile. The system updates the Action column for the selected objects to clfile.
8. Highlight a model entry and click Options > Set Option. The system displays the Set Option - clfile dialog box.
9. Select type of output:
By operation.
By NC sequence.
10. If outputting by operation, enter operation name.
11. If outputting by NC sequence, select how you want to specify it:
If selecting by name, click By Name and type the NC sequence name.
If selecting by number, click By Number and type the NC sequence number.
12. Enter the name of CL file to output to.
13. Click OK.
14. Set up the other manufacturing models by repeating steps 8 through 13.
15. Save the batch file (File > Save).
16. Click Schedule > Start the task and specify the number of hours before the system starts executing the file. Click OK.
17. Click File > Exit to exit.