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To Modify an Existing Cell
1. Select the Part tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Redefine from NESTING menu.
3. Cyan rectangles enclose currently defined cells. Select one of the models in the cell to modify it. The NEST CELL menu appears with the following options:
Add Part—Bring a new reference part into the manufacturing model and the current cell (as described above).
Drag Part—Modify placement of a part currently in the cell. Select a part to drag. The PART PLACE menu appears enabling you to change the drag origin or increments. Select the desired options and click Done. Then place the part using the mouse buttons.
Delete Part—Remove a part currently included in the cell from the cell and from the manufacturing model.
The first part in a cell cannot be removed.
Nest Info—Provide nesting information (similar to the Info option in the NEST menu).