Creo NC Sheetmetal > NC Sequencing > To Create an Auxiliary NC Sequence
To Create an Auxiliary NC Sequence
1. Click the NC Seq tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Select the NC sequence with which you want to associate the auxiliary NC sequence.
3. Click New > Auxiliary. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens..
4. Select Tool and click Define, define the tool and click Done.
5. Select Define Path and click Define. The AUXILIARY SETUP dialog box opens.
a. Under Create, you can select one of the following options:
Sketch—To sketch the defined path.
Go Home—To define the go home point as the defined path.
Goto Pnt—To define the go to point.
Go Delta—To define the x and y offset for the defined path.
b. If desired, you can check the Insert Before check box to insert the new defined path before the last defined path.
c. Under Modify, you can select one of the following options:
Dims.—To modify the dimensions of the previously defined paths.
Delete—To delete a defined path.
6. Define the path an click Done.
7. Define additional items as needed.
8. To use the any of the optional elements, click the optional element you want, then click Define.
9. The following options are also available:
Name—Name the NC sequence.
Parameters—Edit the NC sequence parameters.
Comment—Add a comment.
Info—Displays NC sequence and parameter information.
Next—Go to the next auxiliary NC sequence.
Preview—View the tool motion using the SMT MFG NCL PLAYER.
10. Click Done. The auxiliary NC sequence is created.