Creo NC Sheetmetal > Shear NC Sequence > To Create a Shear NC Sequence
To Create a Shear NC Sequence
1. From the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box, select the NC Seq tabbed page.
2. Click New > Shear. The SMT NC SEQUENCE dialog box opens. The following options are available:
Name—Enter a name for the NC sequence. This name replaces the default NC sequence name.
Parameters—Specify manufacturing parameters.
Comment—Use the system editor to enter comments about the NC sequence.
Info—Displays a summary of NC sequence and parameter information.
Next—Go to the next NC sequence.
Preview—View the NC sequence using theSMT MFG NCL PLAYER.
3. From theTURRET SETUP dialog box, define the tool and click Done. The sketcher window appears.
4. Sketch the shear NC sequence location. The sketch must contain a single continuous non-intersecting chain of entities, open or closed. If you are using a Shear type tool, the sketched contour must consist of straight lines only. Select a reference in the References dialog box. Click Done.
5. To use any of the optional elements, choose the one you want, then click Define. The following options are available:
Shake Away—Specify the shake-away points.
Overhang—Specify the overhang points.
CL Command—Insert CL commands at selected hits.
6. Click Done.