Creo NC Sheetmetal > Manufacturing Process > To Create a New Workcell
To Create a New Workcell
1. Select the Wrkcell tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Create to create a new workcell.
3. Select the workcell type from the Type drop-down menu. The following options are available:
PUNCH—Perform Nibble Edge, Nibble Area, Punch, Form, and Shear NC sequences. These NC sequence types are jointly referred to as Punch NC sequences.
LASER—Perform laser NC sequences.
LASER-PUNCH—Perform laser and punch NC sequences.
FLAME—Perform flame NC sequences.
FLAME-PUNCH—Perform flame and punch NC sequences.
4. Once you have specified the workcell type, you can choose the following options:
Name—Specify the name of the workcell. The system automatically assigns the default name (MACH01, MACH02, etc.).
Parameters—Specify the workcell parameters in the SMM PARAMETERS dialog box.
Turret—Set up the turret associated with the workcell in the TURRET MANAGER dialog box. This enables you to set stations to be indexable or not, and specify tools and orientation for these stations (optional).
Csys—Specify a coordinate system for CL data output.
Zones—Create a machine zone.
Comment—Create a comment.
If you do not select any other options, the new workcell has a default name (MACH01, MACH02, etc.), a default set of parameters, and no tools associated with it. All the tools that you subsequently use for the NC sequences performed on this workcell are associated with the workcell.