To Create a Clamp
1. Select the Wrkcell tabbed page from the SMT MFG MACHINING dialog box.
2. Click Zones > Clamp > Create Clamp. The Machine Clamp dialog box opens.
3. Click Sketch to define a new clamp or Retrieve to retrieve an existing clamp. If clamps are already present in the manufacturing model, you can select them by clicking Use Prev.
4. If you want to modify the dimensions of the clamp, click Mod Dim. The system displays the clamp dimensions. Select the dimension you want to modify. Type the new value and click Done Sel.
5. You can position a clamp using the following options:
X Offset—Enter a value for the x offset from Machine Csys. Press ENTER.
Y Offset—Enter a value for the y offset. Press ENTER.
Angle—Enter the angle of rotation of the clamp about the anchor point. Press ENTER.
Drag—Place the clamp using the following mouse buttons:
LEFT—Finalizes the placement of the clamp.
MIDDLE—Pauses. The LinearIncr and AngularIncr options change drag increments. The effect is similar to the grid snap in Sketcher (e.g., you might want to enter a rotational increment of 90). A drag increment of 0, at any point, is equivalent to "grid snap off." Click Done to continue the placement process. To bring the clamp back to the Machine Csys location, click Quit.
RIGHT—Switches between dragging and rotating the clamp.
Clearance Distance—Defines the amount of clearance between a toolholder and a clamp (clearance distance + 1/2 length width diameter = distance of CL from clamp edge).
6. Click Done.