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Output NC Program Listing
The post-processor listing file contains the complete program listing, including timing data, diagnostics, tape listing, operator messages, etc. You control these, along with many other format details, from within the Display Format section of QUEST.
Two output formats are supported: FCC and list. You can control the format by the output_format definition file symbol. The FCC format, which stands for Fortran Carriage Control, reserves the first character of each line for page formatting purposes. GENER outputs a 1 in this position to advance to a new page, a 0 to double space an output line, and a blank for regular single spacing. You can print this file on any printer or driver recognizing FCC output. The list format does not reserve a character for carriage control. Instead, a form-feed character is output at the start of a record to advance to a new page. All other records are output one per line.
The page length is configurable from the definitions file with the lines_per_page variable.
By default, the system creates the listing file in the current directory with the same name as the CL file, and an extension of lst.