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About CL Command Syntax Menus
Creo NC Sheetmetal provides you with an ability to manually add commands to CL data when customizing the tool path for an NC sequence.
There are three ways to input a CL command:
Menus—Build the command by selecting APT keywords from the system-supplied or user-defined menus, and entering necessary values. As you select a command, you can follow it with the optional specifiers, or choose QUIT OPTIONS to complete the command and move to the next line.
Keyboard—Enter it from the keyboard. If the entered line is invalid, you will get the error message.
From File—Read in a file containing the CL command lines.
This appendix describes using the syntax menus.
Using the Syntax Menus
The keyword menus are built according to the APT syntax. The Command Wizard window of the SMM CL COMMAND dialog box represents a topical index. Selecting an option from this menu brings up another menu containing all major keywords for selected topic. Nothing is output to the APT file yet. If you change your mind, or cannot find the desired keyword in this topic, you can use , , or to return to the main menu, then select another topic. Selecting an option starts outputting an APT command. You cannot quit until the command is completed. If you are not satisfied, delete or change the erroneous line.
Each option a major APT keyword. If there are parameters required (such as point coordinates, etc.), you will be prompted accordingly. Enter values for these parameters. These are optional, so you can specify as many as you like. If the completed command contains an error, you will get an error message.