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About the NC Check Process
You can perform NC Check:
At the time you create an NC sequence, to check the current tool path. This option is only available for Laser and Flame NC sequences.
After you create the NC sequence (any type) or operation, by selecting NC Check from the CL DATA menu. The system prompts you for a CL file name. At this point, you can either select an existing file, or create a new one.
When you edit the CL data.
NC Check is implemented for all Punch Press NC sequences except Form, and for Contouring NC sequences. If the type of tool you use in an NC sequence is STANDARD PUNCH, each tool position you specify with GOTO creates a punch in the workpiece.
If you use a tool model, it is replaced by the default tool of appropriate type, as defined by the tool parameter values. The material is removed according to the actual tool shape and motion, i.e., all scallops left by the tool passes are displayed.
Do not confuse the automatic material removal simulation with the NC Check process:
Material Removal
NC Check
Permanently removes material from the workpiece and creates a new feature.
Simulates material removal for display purposes only; does not create geometry
Is based on a set of assumptions and may produce simplified representation of material removal, depending on the NC sequence type
Always takes into account the actual tool path and shape