To Create a Surface Step
1. Ensure that you have created a Work Center of type Surface by clicking Manufacturing > Work Center > Surface.
2. Click Manufacturing > Surface.
3. The system opens the STEP: Surface dialog box, which contains the following options:
Name—Specify the surface step name.
Type—Specify type of step. This is a required field.
Comments—Specify surface step comments.
References—Specify references for the surface step. This is an optional field. You can use it to select component, feature, surface, edge, curve, quilt, datum, dimension or tolerance references to add to this surface step.
Simplified Rep—Specify a simplified representation for the step.
Time Estimate—Specify a time estimate for the surface step.
Cost Estimate—Specify a cost estimate for the surface step.
Select the feature step fields you wish to define or change and click Define.
Click OK to commit and continue.