To Copy a Process Drawing Sheet
1. In an open drawing, click Layout > Move or Copy Sheets. The Move or Copy Sheet dialog box opens.
2. Select the sheet after which you want to insert the moved or copied sheet.
3. Select Create a copy if you want to copy the sheet as a template for another process step. The Create a copy function preserves the scale and orientation of the process component.
4. Click OK. The system copies the manufacturing processes and generates a new sheet.
5. To select a different process state, perform the following steps:
a. Click Layout > Drawing Models.
b. Click Set State from the DWG MODELS menu.
c. Select a process state from the Process State dialog box and click OK to continue.
For maximum performance in regenerating drawings, it is recommended that you create no more than one state per sheet.
6. To view the newly generated sheets, click a sheet name at the bottom of the drawing window.