Process State Dialog Box Options
The Process State dialog box contains a scrollable list that displays the process component steps. You can select a step to show in the view. If simplified representations are available, you can select one from the drop-down list. The system selects the representation for that process state by default.
The Process State dialog box also contains a Final Mfg State option which appears at the end of the list of process states. The Final Mfg State represents the state which was used when creating views or repeat regions of assembly machining assemblies prior to Pro/ENGINEER Release 18.0. The geometry is in its final state, and the active fixture is the last one activated in Manufacturing.
The Final Mfg State is useful in two ways:
It allows you to obtain the state expected prior to Pro/ENGINEER Release 18.0. For example, you may have a machining assembly—which you may or may not have previously worked on in Manufacturing Process Planning for MFG—which is configured with the expectation that the pre-Release 18.0 state is used when creating the drawing. Hence, this state is necessary for compatibility with legacy models and legacy work habits
If no fixture was activated in Manufacturing, then it allows you to create views or repeat regions which always reference the final state of the manufacturing process, regardless of which steps are added, removed, or reordered in the future.