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To Retrieve Tool Parameters
1. On the Tool Setup dialog box menu bar, click File > Open Parameter File.
The system displays the browser window, which lists all the files with the .tpm extension in the directory defined by the pro_mf_tprm_directory configuration option. If the pro_mf_tprm_directory configuration option is not set, the search starts in your current working directory.
2. Select a file name from the browser window and click Open.
The system searches the Tool Table for the Name of the tool being retrieved:
If not found, the system appends the tool at the end of the Tool Table. Number (pocket number) is incremented by 1 with respect to the last one currently in the Tool Table. The Offset field is left blank.
If the system finds a tool in the current Tool Table that has the same name and the same parameters as the one being retrieved, it highlights the appropriate Tool Table entry and displays its parameter values and section sketch.
If the name belongs to a tool that already exists in the current Tool Table but has a different set of parameters, the system issues a warning and queries whether you want to overwrite an existing tool. If you confirm, it highlights the appropriate Tool Table entry and displays the tool’s new parameter values and section sketch.
At the same time, the system looks for a .tpm file with the same name in the Materials subdirectory corresponding to the stock material (as specified in the Operation Setup dialog box). If found, it retrieves the cutting data stored in this file into the appropriate Speeds & Feeds tab fields.
When you retrieve a tool parameters’ file, its type must correspond to the Type value in the Tool Setup dialog box; otherwise, the system will issue an error message and the tool will not be retrieved.