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To Retrieve a Machining Process
1. Click File > Open (or click ). The file browser opens with all files listed (default).
2. To narrow the search, choose Assembly or Manufacturing from the Type list. You can also use an option from the Sub-type list:
All—Lists all the models in the Manufacturing family of products such as Cast, Mold, and Sheet Metal manufacturing.
NC Assembly—Lists only the Assembly manufacturing models created between Release 18.0 and Release 2001.
NC Part—Lists only the Part manufacturing models created between Release 18.0 and Release 2001.
Pre-18.0 MFG—Lists all the Part and Assembly manufacturing models created prior to Release 18.0.
If the display_mfg_icon_for_mfg_assy config option is set to yes, manufacturing assemblies are displayed with the manufacturing icon.
3. Select the name of the process to retrieve from the browser window.
The system displays the NC model and the Model Tree, and adds the Expert Machinist-specific menus to the Creo Parametric menu bar.
In order to retrieve processes into the Expert Machinist application by default, set the configuration option assy_mfg_open_mode to feature. Otherwise, the system opens the process using the Creo NC application (you will see the MANUFACTURE menu instead of the Expert Machinist-specific menus and icons). To switch to the Expert Machinist application, on the Creo Creo Parametric menu bar, click Applications > Expert Machinist.