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To Provide the Bill of Materials for the Tool
When you retrieve a solid tool model, the system automatically includes all the parts and assemblies used in the tool model into the Bill of Materials (BOM) for the tool.
If the tool model is used By Reference, the tool BOM information is read-only. If you are using the tool model By Copy, you can edit the part names, if needed, or change the type; you can also add or remove the BOM components.
For all other types of tools, you can provide the BOM information by typing the names of the components and specifying their type and quantity.
1. Go to the BOM tab of the Tool Setup dialog box.
2. Click to insert a new component into the BOM table.
The system inserts a new line in the BOM table. The component has a default name, type GENERAL, and quantity 1.
3. Place the cursor in the Component Name cell and type the name of the component.
4. Change the component type, if needed. When you place the cursor in the Type cell, it turns into a drop-down list. Select the desired type: INSERT, ADAPTER, HOLDER, or GENERAL.
5. Change the quantity, if needed, by placing the cursor in the Quantity cell and typing a value.
6. You can also place the cursor in the Comment cell and type a comment.
7. To remove a component from the BOM table, place the cursor in the appropriate row and click . To remove all the components, click .