To Output NC Codes
You can output the Cutter Location (CL) data for a single tool path or for a whole operation to a CL data file. This CL data file will then have to be postprocessed to generate an MCD file, containing the proper NC codes.
You can also output the NC codes for a tool path or operation directly to an MCD file. To output an operation, select the operation name in the Model Tree window. To output a tool path, select the name of the corresponding tool path in the Model Tree window.
1. In the Model Tree window, select an operation or a tool path feature. Then on the Machining tab, click the arrow next to .
2. Select one of the following commands:
Automatic—The system uses the default postprocessor associated with the machine tool (specified at the time of Machine Tool Setup).
Select Post—The system lists the available postprocessors. Select the postprocessor to use.
The Save As dialog box opens, with the default name of the output file shown in the New File text box.
3. To accept the default name, click OK. Or, type a different file name in the New File text box of the Save As dialog box and click OK.
The Post Processor Options window opens.
4. Select the desired options and click Output.
The system generates the MCD file and saves it to disk.
You can also save the tool path in either CL or MCD format directly from the PLAY PATH dialog box.