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To Create an Operation
You have to create an operation before you can start defining machining features. When creating the operation, the required elements are the machine tool name and the Program Zero coordinate system.
1. Click Machining > Operation. The Operation tab opens.
If you already have defined some operations for the current manufacturing process, the Operation tab displays the work center name, the Program Zero coordinate system, and the operation name.
2. If you have set up work centers prior to creating the operation, their names appear in the list box next to . Select a work centerl from the list box.
To asynchronously create a machine tool, click the Mfg Setup button at the extreme right corner of the Operation tab. For more information on creating work centers, see Related Links.
3. To define the Program Zero, click the box adjacent to and select or create a coordinate system. After the Program Zero is defined, the name of the coordinate system appears in the box, and is highlighted in the graphics window.
4. Set optional elements for operation setup using the following tabs:
Fixture Setup
For details, see Related Links.
5. Click to save the changes.