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To Create an Entry Hole Feature
Use an Entry Hole feature to specify an entry point when machining a closed feature (Pocket, Through Pocket, or Slot). Even though you are going to machine the Entry Hole before you machine the closed feature, create the Entry Hole feature after you have created the closed feature that you need it for. You can use the same Entry Hole for more than one feature, if needed.
1. Click Machining > Entry Hole.
The Entry Hole dialog box opens. The top portion of the dialog box contains three text boxes:
Entry Hole Name—The default feature name, such as ENTRYHOLE000 (the system increments the number for the next Entry Hole feature). You can type a customized name.
Feature Name—The name of the parent closed feature. The drop-down list contains the names of all the features of appropriate type (Pocket, Through Pocket, or Slot) currently present in the model. Select the parent feature from the drop-down list.
Program Zero—The name of the coordinate system used for machining the parent feature. This name is displayed for information purposes only; you cannot change it. You can click next to the text box to highlight the coordinate system.
The lower portion of the Entry Hole dialog box contains the Setup Entry Hole options. At the bottom of the dialog box there are three buttons: OK, Cancel, and Preview.
2. Type the diameter value in the Hole Diameter text box. This is the expected size of the drill to use for drilling the Entry Hole.
3. Use the other options, if needed, to specify the hole location and depth. By default, the Entry Hole is created in the approximate center of the parent feature, and its depth equals the depth of the parent feature. The Preview button lets you check the current location and depth of the Entry Hole.
4. Click OK to complete the feature, Cancel to quit.