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Solid Tool Models
All Expert Machinist needs to know about a tool is its parameters. It creates a tool path and displays the default tool based on the values in the .tpm file.
However, you can enhance the CL data display and interactively check for interference by showing a "real" tool. In order to do this, design your tool as a regular Creo Creo Parametric model (part or assembly), and then establish associativity between this model’s dimensions and the tool parameters. When such a tool is used, you will see the real tool model instead of the default tool simulation. This is also another way to create your tool library.
Standard Library
If you have a LIBRARY license, you can also use the standard tool library of solid tools. It contains common tools (mills, taps, and drills) of sizes corresponding to ANSI standards. For more information, refer to the TOOLING LIBRARY Catalog.