Writing DMIS Files to Disk
A DMIS file extension can be set to something different than ".ncl". Use the configuration file option:
ncl_file_extension file extension (without ‘.’)
File extension length is limited to 3 characters. If you specify a longer file extension, it will be truncated and a warning will be issued.
DMIS File Library
Your DMIS files can be automatically stored in a DMIS file library. This serves as a central collection point for the DMIS files produced. They can then be retrieved from there for post-processing. The configuration file option to use is:
pro_mf_cl_dir pathname
Always specify the complete pathname to the DMIS file library to avoid problems when using Creo Parametric in different directories.
Including Macros in DMIS Files
You can include user-defined macros, like setting the post-processor registers, at the very beginning and the very end of a DMIS file, using two Operation parameters:
PRE_MACHINING_FILE—Enter name of the file you want to be included at the very beginning of the operation DMIS file.
POST_MACHINING_FILE—Enter name of the file you want to be included at the very end of the operation DMIS file.
Enter filenames without the extension. The files should have the extension ".ncl", or the default DMIS file extension if specified in the configuration file.
The contents of these files will be included in the DMIS file of the current operation:
The first file—immediately after "$$ —> BLOCK_START"
The second file—immediately before "$$ —> BLOCK_END"
If you output probe path for a CMM step, these files will not be included.