To Specify the Step Name
You can specify a customized name for the step, if you want. This name will be used in namelist menus and system messages. If you do not supply a name, the step will have a default name generated by the system (for example, "1: M_PL01, Operation: OP010"). The naming conventions are:
For planes—M_PL01, M_PL02, etc.
For cylinders—M_CY01, M_CY02, etc.
For circles—M_CR01, M_CR02, etc.
For surfaces—M_SF01, M_SF02, etc.
For spheres—M_SP01, M_SP02, etc.
For points—M_PT01, M_PT02, etc.
For cones—M_CN01, M_CN02, etc.
For lines—M_LN01, M_LN02, etc.