Probe Model
You can create a probe as a single part or an assembly consisting of several parts. When you retrieve a probe model (part or assembly) into the CMM session, Creo Parametric searches the model for the following:
The TOOL_TYPE parameter with the value as either FIXED_PROBE or ROTATING_PROBE.
A coordinate system named TOOL.
Coordinate systems named TIP1, TIP2, and so on. Each of these coordinate systems must be located at the center of a spherical tip. CMM automatically assigns the diameter of the spherical tip to the appropriate probe parameter (TIP1_DIAMETER, TIP2_DIAMETER, and so on).
For rotating probes, the following parameters:
Using Assembly as a Probe Model
If an assembly is used as a probe model, CMM searches the assembly first, and then all the component parts in the same order as they were assembled, for the probe parameters and origin data. Once a parameter is set, all values for the same parameter found later are ignored. In other words, the top-level assembly parameters take precedence over component parameters, and after that the precedence is determined by the order of assembly.
After CMM searches all the components and if some of the probe parameters are missing, CMM display an error message. You are then asked to select another probe.