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To Create Multilingual Drawings in Creo Parametric
If you install the required language group, you can use an English version of Creo Parametric to view, create, or edit drawings containing English and Asian drawing notes. In the following procedure, the file contains a drawing note with Japanese text.
1. Run Creo Parametric on a Windows operating system where the Japanese group is installed.
2. Before you start Creo Parametric set the LANG environment variable to japanese and the following configuration options to no:
Although you are running Creo Parametric in Japanese, the Creo Parametric user interface appears in English at startup.
3. Open the drawing containing the Japanese note. The note appears with the correct Japanese characters.
4. Add a drawing note in English and do not make changes to the Japanese note.
5. Save the file.
6. Open the drawing on a Japanese system. The English and Japanese drawing notes appear correctly.
Chinese translations for Simplified and Traditional Chinese are available only when you purchase the Chinese_Translation license.