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Using INTERACT Statements as Place Holders
INTERACT statements provide a placeholder for creating interactive part and assembly features. They can be inserted anywhere within the FEATURE ADD - END ADD or PART ADD - END ADD statement.
For example, the ELSE statement in the previous example could have been constructed as follows:
IF d1 > d2
ADD CUT.....
In this example, an alternate set of features is to be created if d1 is not greater than d2.
Interact mode works similarly to Insert mode accessed from Creo Parametric.
Executing an INTERACT Statement
When the system encounters an INTERACT statement in the program, the execution of the program is interrupted. At this point, you can add new features. Also at this point, the system displays an incomplete model built up according to the last instruction before the INTERACT statement. In Interact mode, the model is frozen and cannot be modified.
After you are in Interact mode, select any feature you want to add from the FEAT CLASS menus and proceed to specify all required parameters. After you have created a new feature, the system asks whether you want to continue adding features. If you answer N, program execution resumes. After execution is completed, any new features added within the INTERACT statement replace the INTERACT statement in the model design.
You can quit interacting immediately after the program moves into the INTERACT phase (before you start to create features). Choose Done/Return from the FEAT CLASS menu and answer N to the system prompt asking if you want to continue. The program resumes execution and proceeds to the end.