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To Select or Modify Input Parameters
1. Click PART > Program, and then click PROGRAM > Edit Design. The system editor displays the current program for the model.
2. Edit the program input list.
3. Incorporate your changes into the model.
4. Click GET INPUT > Enter.
5. In the INPUT SEL menu, click the check boxes next to the input parameters for which you want to enter values, and then click Done Sel.
6. Enter the values as prompted in the message area.
7. Click PROGRAM > Done/Return.
Input from a File
Instead of entering variables manually, you can enter them from a file located in the current directory using Read File. The input file must have one input per line, formatted as follows:
param_name = value or expression
For example:
If you enter parameters from a file that contains fewer parameters than are called for in the INPUT statement, the system assumes current values for the missing parameter.
If, on the contrary, the output file contains more variables than are needed for the execution, those parameters not pertaining to the program are disregarded.
Because the program ignores those parameters that do not pertain to this particular program, you can create an input file that acts as a global source for a number of models.
The system is case-sensitive when parameters and their values are read in from a file. Be consistent in specifying variables.