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To Create a Part or Assembly Instance Programmatically
Parts and assemblies created programmatically with input parameters can be turned into instances of the generic model.
Whenever a design has been executed, either after regenerating the model or after editing the design, you can create a family instance of that specific configuration using the Instantiate command on the PROGRAM menu.
1. In an open part or assembly, click Model > Model Intent > Program.
2. On the PROGRAM menu, click Instantiate. Pro/TABLE appears with the name of the generic model or models (part in Part mode, assemblies and parts in Assembly mode) in column 1, and the default instance name or names in column 2.
3. Edit the default instance name or names for assembly and parts if desired, and then exit Pro/TABLE.
After you create an instance assembly, you can view the family table. It now includes the instance assembly name, part names that were executed, and variables that were entered during input.
The parameters that appear in the family table control the model design.
Instantiating a model revises your design program slightly. For example, if an assembly program had an EXECUTE statement, an IF statement is created about the EXECUTE statement. This validates execution only for a generic assembly.