All relations valid in a Creo Parametric model can be entered in a Pro/PROGRAM design.
If an expression you want to include in the RELATIONS statement contains more than 80 characters, use a backslash (\) to interrupt the current line and continue the expression on the next line.
The format can be as follows:
0.75*d3*d3 + THICKNESS*2
Changing the material density in a part causes the system to update the mp_density value in relations and vice versa.
When using negative dimensions, a dollar sign ($) must precede the dimension symbol in both the input statement and the external input files. For example, use $d20 instead of d20. The dimensions will not be updated if a dollar sign does not precede the symbols.
If the program assigns a value to a dimension variable that is already driven by a part or subassembly relation, two error messages appear. Edit or remove the program relation and regenerate.