To Specify Host Machines for Distributed Computing
You can specify which host machines you want to use for distributed computing by selecting them from a master list configured by your system administrator.
1. Click Home > Utilities > Distributed Computing. Alternatively, click File > Options > Environment > Distributed Computing. The Distributed Computing Hosts Selection dialog box opens and lists all host machines designated for distributed computing. Information is provided regarding the host name, the IP address, the hardware platform, the number of processors, and the CPU load for each workstation.
2. Use the Distributed Computing Hosts Selection dialog box to do the following:
Configure the current Creo Parametric session so that it uses all or a subset of the designated workstations.
Use Save to save the selected hosts in a file on disk. To load the files at a later time, use Load.
Change the selected host machines at any time during a session.
Use Refresh to recreate the list of host machines. The system removes any machines that are currently off the list.
Select a column heading to sort the host machine list.
To interrupt or cancel a distributed computing task, click Stop. Participating agent workstations are made free within a few seconds so that they can be used by others who want to execute a distributed computing task.
Distributed computing is suitable only for Multi-Objective Design studies. Distributed computing tasks automatically use the dialog box settings. When you begin executing a task, a progress dialog opens and displays the progress of the execution, statistics about how many jobs are being processed by agents on each of the participating workstations, and the status of each workstation.