To Save a File
1. Click or File > Save. The Save Object dialog box opens.
If you previously saved there are no options available in the Save Object dialog to change directories. Click OK to complete the save.
If you have not previously saved the object, go to Step 2.
2. The directory in the Look In box defaults to one of the following:
My Documents (Windows platforms only) if you have not set a working directory or previously saved an object to another directory in your current Creo Parametric session.
The Working Directory you set for your current session.
The directory you last accessed to open, save, save a copy, or back up your file.
3. Accept the default directory or browse to a new directory.
You can access the working directory by clicking .
4. In the Model Name box, the name of the active model appears. To select a different model click .
5. Click OK to save to the directory displayed in the Look In box or select a sub-directory and then click OK. The Creo Parametric graphics area is displayed.
Objects are stored in their original directories unless you set the configuration option override_store_back to yes.
If you do not want your file to save to the last accessed directory, set the configuration option file_open_default_folder. Use this configuration option to specify the directory from which you want to open, save, save a copy, or backup files.
If you do not have write permission to the original directory and have override_store_back set tono, set the configuration option save_object_in_current to yes to store the objects in the current directory.
By default, Creo Parametric saves the model on which a drawing is based only when changes have been made to it. You can use the configuration file option save_modified_draw_models_only to save the model every time the drawing is saved.
To save disk space, compress file output by setting the configuration option compress_output_files to yes. Compressed files are fully compatible across systems. Compressed files are slower to read and write, and have a smaller file size. However, in some cases the compressed file size is larger than the uncompressed format.