To Plot Using a Manual Layout View
After you click File > Quick Drawing, the Quick Drawing dialog box opens. Follow the procedure below when you select Manual Layout as your View Layout Definition.
1. In the Plot Config File box, type the path to your plotter configuration .pcf file or click Browse and select the file.
If you have set the configuration option quick_print_plotter_config_file, the path to the plotter configuration file is automatically defined. You can override the configuration option by typing a path to or browsing to another .pcf file.
2. Click Portrait or Landscape to specify the orientation of the sheet and click the Standard Sizes box to select the size of the sheet.
3. In the Number of Views box, select the number of views (maximum 4).
Available configurations for the number of views you select appear in the View Layout area.
An entry for each view appears in the Views area.
If you select more than one view, the Use View Scale for all views and Use Display Style for all views check boxes become available.
4. Click the View Layout that you want. For example, you can select from the following layouts when you select 3 views.
5. If you select to have more than one view, and you want to use the same view scale and display style for all views, click the Use View Scale for all views and Use Display Style for all views check boxes.
To assign unique view scales and display styles, clear these check boxes.
6. For each view listed in the Views area:
Click the Saved View Name box and select another name, or keep the default Standard Orientation name.
Click the View Scale and Display Style boxes to select a new values or style, or accept the defaults.
If you selected Use View Scale for all views or Use Display Style for all views and you change a value for View Scale or Display Style for view, then that value changes for all views listed.
If you cleared Use View Scale for all views and Use Display Style for all views check boxes, then you can make changes for a view, without affecting values for other listed views.
7. Click OK to plot the part or assembly.
If the plotter configuration file cannot be found, is missing required values, or is generating plotter errors, then an error dialog box opens after you click OK. Depending on the error, you can redirect to the correct plotter configuration file or edit the plotter configuration file, from the dialog box.
If you have defined a model grid, and you are plotting a Projection Layout view or Manual Layout view, the model grid is automatically plotted for all views with the correct orientation. For information on defining a model grid, see Detailed Drawings help.