To Load a File
Creo Parametric does not automatically read the file at startup. You must load the file if you want Creo Parametric to read it.
1. Click File > Options. The Creo Parametric Options dialog box opens.
2. In the Creo Parametric Options box, type the configuration option search_path_file. For a value, specify either the full path name for the file or the full path name of the directory containing the file.
For Windows NT, omit the last backslash (\) from the path, or enclose the path in quotation marks, or add a trailing space after the backslash.
3. Click Apply. Creo Parametric reads the file automatically.
When you load a file, Creo Parametric appends the contents of the file to the search path. Creo Parametric reads any paths that you added and ignores any paths that you commented out.