To Edit a File
1. Open the file from within a text editor such as Notepad.
2. Add or delete search paths, or designate lines that contain search paths as comment lines only, as desired.
3. Save the file. When you save it, you can either accept the default name or assign a new name to the file.
Only one directory path (search path) is allowed per line.
You can insert comments in the file. Simply precede the line with a ! and Creo Parametric interprets the line as a comment and ignores it. Comment lines must begin with ! They may be interspersed throughout the file.
You can specify that certain paths in the file not be read at startup, by designating the lines containing the search paths as comments only. Creo Parametric ignores the comment lines.
Lines may also be blank, except for the first line.
You must enclose in quotation marks any search path with a separator character (space, comma, or semicolon) in a directory name.
For Windows NT, omit the last backslash (\) from the path, or enclose the path in quotation marks, or add a trailing space after the backslash.
When you are defining a search path in the Windows NT operating system, you must precede the delimiting backslash character with another formatting character.
Directory path names can be relative or absolute and can include special characters such as ".." in UNIX, to specify a relative path. However, it is better to always include the absolute path names (that is, from root) to avoid problems if you change working directories or if you use the same configuration file in another startup directory.
Search paths may also include previously defined environment variables. This is done by enclosing it between % characters in Windows NT/95/98/2000. For example, the environment variable OBJ_TYPE can be used as follows:
(Windows NT/95/98/2000)D:\partlib\%OBJ_TYPE%\objects
You can create multiple files and store them in different directories. However, you may instead want to use the same files for all your projects, and simply comment out the paths in the file that you do not want Creo Parametric to read for certain sessions.