To Back Up a File
To make a backup copy of an object file that is in memory:
1. Click File > Save As > Save a Backup. The Backup dialog box opens. The directory in the Look In box defaults to one of the following:
My Documents (Windows platforms only) if you have not set a working directory or previously saved an object to another directory in your current Creo Parametric session.
The Working Directory you set for your current session.
The directory you last accessed to open, save, save a copy, or back up your file.
2. Accept the default directory or browse to a new directory for which you have write access.
You can access the working directory by clicking .
3. In the Model Name box the name of the active model appears. To select a different model click .
4. Click OK to backup to the directory displayed in the Look In box or select a sub-directory and then click OK. The Creo Parametric graphics window is displayed.
Versions of the backed up object are reset in the backup directory.
If you back up an assembly, drawing, or manufacturing object, Creo Parametric saves all dependent files in the specified directory.
If an assembly has related interchange groups, those groups are not saved in the backup directory when you back up the assembly.
If you make changes to a model after backing it up and then save the model, the changes are always saved in the backup directory.