Managing UI Customization
Use the Manage UI Customization dialog to manage the customization of the user interface, such as ribbon, quick access toolbar, or tree filters. You can manage the customization by resetting, exporting, or importing the UI custom settings. When you have a variety of customization, you can review all of them under the different categories, before you reset, export, or import. You can do the following in the dialog box:
Reset or export any or mixture of categories.
Import the settings from a *ui file, import all or define the settings that you want to import.
When you customize the settings and open the Manage UI Customization dialog box, it displays the categories that are customized.
Reset —Select the categories and click Reset. The categories that you select are no longer visible in the Manage UI Customization dialog box.
Export—Select the categories and click Export. Only the selected categories are exported to the *ui file.
Import—While you import the *ui file, you can select all categories or combine different categories.
1. Click Import.
2. From the Open dialog box, select an existing *ui file. The Import UI Customization dialog box opens with the following options:
Import all UI Customization—Imports all the categories from the *ui file. The Manage UI Customization dialog appears with all the categories that are imported.
Setup what to import— Displays the list of categories that are ready for import. You can select the categories of your choice.
3. On the Import UI Customization dialog box, click OK.
4. On the Manage UI Customization dialog box, click OK.