Graphics Toolbar
Use the Graphics toolbar to change the view of your model with the following commands:
Refit—Refit your model so it is fully visible on the screen.
Zoom In—Zooms in on the model in the selected result window.
Zoom Out—Zooms out from the model in the selected result window.
Repaint—Repaint a view to remove all temporarily displayed information. Repainting redraws the screen.
Saved Orientations—Repositions your model to the orientation of the saved view that you select from the list.
Default View—Set the view to the default orientation.
Show Annotations—Turn on or off display of annotations on the model in the result window.
Spin Center—Orient the model by spinning it about the specified location.
Geometry Display Filters—Shows, hides, or sets the transparency for boundary representation geometry and mixed representations such as triangulated or volumetric.