About Ribbon KeyTips
KeyTips are keyboard shortcuts that offer an easy way to access the tabs or buttons on the ribbon, Quick Access toolbar, In-graphics toolbar, and the File menu. KeyTips are sequences of keyboard letters preceded by the Alt key.
Press Alt or F10 key to see the KeyTip bubbles pop up for each tab and button. This is the first level of KeyTips. You can then press the key or key sequence shown in the KeyTip to activate the tab or button that you want use. Press the keys one at a time instead of holding each one down. Depending on which key you press, a second level of KeyTips may be displayed or an associated command is run. Press Esc key to return to the first level of KeyTips.
Press the Alt or F10 key to display or hide the KeyTips.
Press Alt-S to switch to Annotate tab from any other tab and display KeyTips for buttons on the Annotate tab.
To insert an Annotation Feature, press Alt-S-NF. S takes you to the Annotate tab and NF inserts an Annotation Feature.
To create a new file, press Alt-F-N.