Using Accelerators and Mnemonics
Accelerators and mnemonics are keyboard shortcuts to commands.
Using Accelerators
An accelerator is a key sequence for activating a menu command. To use an accelerator, press and hold the appropriate keys, such as CTRL or ALT, and then press the appropriate letter key. The key sequences for accelerators appear next to the commands on the menus. For example:
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Using Mnemonics
Mnemonics are letters that you use as shortcuts to traverse menus in the main menu bar. Mnemonics reduce mouse motion and provide a fast alternative if you prefer keyboard input.
Mnemonics are indicated by an underlined letter in the menu name. For example, the mnemonic for File is F, and the mnemonic for Open is O.
Press and hold ALT, press F.
The File menu appears.
Press and hold ALT, press F, then O.
The File Open dialog box opens.