About Entering Data
When you are prompted to enter data in the message area, a dialog box, or a panel, you can either accept the default value or enter a new value. Complete the data entry in one of the following ways:
Press ENTER.
Click or OK.
You can usually cancel data entry operations by pressing ESC or clicking Cancel or .
Cutting and Pasting Text in Windows
You can use the mouse or keyboard to cut, copy, and paste text from a system window, a Creo Parametric window, or a message window. However, you cannot cut and paste either prompt text in the message area or online Help text.
Entering Arithmetic Expressions
When you are prompted for a numeric value, you can enter an arithmetic expression involving numbers, functions, operations, and parameter symbol names. For example:
Enter value [2.53]: 2*((3/8)/7)+ceil(d5)
The following basic arithmetic operators are supported:
+ addition
- subtraction
/ division
* multiplication
( ) grouping, for example, d0=(d1-d2)*d3
^ exponentiation
Working with Fractions
Dimension entry and display can be in decimal or fractional format. If you are working with fractions instead of decimal values, you must enter the number as an equation. For example, enter the value 1 1/8 as 1+1/8. This value appears as 1-1/8. You can create fractions automatically using configuration file options, or you can work in decimal format and convert specific dimensions to fractions.