About Dialog Boxes
Most dialog boxes support a set of related functions. For example, the view reorientation, zooming, panning, spinning, and spin-center functions are all available in the Orientation dialog box (View > Named Views > Reorient).
Many dialog boxes are also dynamic, and options change as you make selections. For example, the Orientation dialog box changes depending on the selection under Type.
As a rule, a function in the dialog box is available if:
The function is appropriate for the state of the window or object or for the product type (Part, Assembly, Sketcher, Layout, and so on).
The software required for using the function is installed. For example, if Pro/INTRALINK is installed, certain buttons on the File Open dialog box are available.
Performing Default Actions
Most dialog boxes in Creo Parametric have a default button, denoted by a black border. You can perform the default action quickly in three different ways:
Click the button.
Middle-click within the Creo Parametric window.
Press ENTER.