To Add a Parameter to a Family Table
1. ClickTools > Family Table. The Family Table dialog box pens.
2. Click . The Family Items dialog box opens.
3. Under Add Item, click Parameter. The Select Parameter dialog box opens.
You can use the Other option to add lower-level parameters for entities such as edges, curves, quilts, annotation elements, surface, composite curve, or material. For example, to add a surface parameter to the family table, type the parameter name as PARAM1:SID_THESURF.
4. Under Look In, select one of the object types. The Select dialog box opens. Select the components or features whose parameters you want to add. As each one is selected, Creo Parametric checks if the component or feature has any user-defined parameters that have not been added to the Family Table. If Creo Parametric finds any such parameters, they are listed on the PARAMETER menu.
5. Select the parameters that you want to add and click Insert Selected.
If you select a table-restricted parameter, the entire parameter set is selected. The set label parameter value determines the value of parameters in the set. Changing the set label parameter value may change the value of other parameters in the set for the Family Table. When adding a parameter to a Family Table, if the parameter is part of a set label parameter, it is good practice to add the set label parameter to the Family Table.
6. Click Close when you finish selecting the parameters. The Select Parameter dialog box closes.
7. Click OK in both the Family Items and Family Table dialog boxes.