To Update the Generic and All Instance Accelerator Files
1. Click File > Manage Session > Instance Accelerator. The Instance Accelerator dialog box opens.
2. Under Instance, click Update. Update updates the generic file or files and all existing instance accelerator files. In addition, it creates instance accelerator files for all Family Table instances of the generic that are listed in the instance index file and which do not currently have them. This has the same effect on the generic as clicking File > Save.
If the save_instance_accelerator configuration option is set to None when you choose this command, a Confirmation dialog box opens and Creo Parametric prompts you as to whether you still want to update the accelerator files.
3. Click Yes to update the files, or click No to cancel the update.
The system regenerates each instance accelerator file during the update process. It deletes any file that fails the regeneration.
If you consider the generic as an external reference of an instance, then when you retrieve instances with accelerator files the instances behave same as other external references. For example, if the referenced model is modified and a referencing model with Copy Geometry is being retrieved, then the referencing model is outdated and regeneration is needed to update it.