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To Save Instances of Parts and Assemblies
1. Click File > Manage File > Instance Accelerator. The Instance Accelerator dialog box opens.
2. Under Creation Options, select one of the following options:
NoneCreo Parametric does not save an instance by saving the generic model and its Family Table.
AlwaysCreo Parametric always saves the accelerator file of an instance both when you explicitly save the instance itself and when you save the instance through a higher-level object (for example, when you save the entire model).
ExplicitCreo Parametric saves an instance accelerator file only when you retrieve the instance into the Creo Parametric session and then explicitly save the instance.
Saved Objects—This is the default. This option is similar to Always except that Creo Parametric updates the accelerator files whenever you modify or verify an instance and the instance verification status is not set to Failed.
In the Instance Accelerator dialog box, one of the options is highlighted to reflect the current setting which was loaded from a configuration file or selected previously from this dialog box.
3. Click Close.
Alternatively, you can save instances of parts and assemblies by setting the save_instance_accelerator configuration option to None, Always, Explicit, or Saved Objects by clicking Tools > Options.