To Pattern a Family Table Instance
Before you attempt to pattern an instance, you must create a seed instance and to make sure that all parameters to be patterned are present.
1. Click Tools > Family Table. The Family Table dialog box opens.
2. Select an instance, and then click Edit > Copy with Increments, or click . The Patternize Instance dialog box opens with Direction1 under Pattern tree highlighted by default and a quantity of 1.
3. Specify a new quantity and select one parameter to increment.
4. Click on the double arrows to accept the parameter.
5. Enter an increment.
6. You may select additional parameters and use the double arrows to add and remove them. Enter an increment for each parameter added.
7. When you are finished, select OK to complete the pattern or add more directions by clicking on the Add (plus sign) button.
8. Click OK when you are done in all directions.
You may go back and add or remove directions at any time.