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To Edit a Family Table Using Microsoft Excel
You can edit Family Table information in Microsoft Excel. This functionality is available only if you are using a Windows environment and have Microsoft Excel installed.
1. With the generic model active, click Tools > Family Table. The Family Table opens.
2. Navigate to the appropriate Family Table.
3. Click File > Edit with Excel. Creo Parametric opens the Family Table in Microsoft Excel.
4. Edit the Family Table. In Microsoft Excel you can:
Insert new rows.
Create additional instances.
5. When finished, click File > Save. Microsoft Excel checks the Family Table for acceptable values, names, and so forth. If an error is found, Microsoft Excel prompts you to fix the error. If no errors are found Microsoft Excel saves the changes to the Family Table and returns you to the Family Table in Creo Parametric.
To prevent the Microsoft Excel window from being hidden behind the Creo window we recommend you to enable Enable Trust access to VBA project object model in Microsoft Excel as follows:
1. Click File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings. The Trust Center dialog box opens.
2. Select Enable Trust access to VBA project object model.
To exit Microsoft Excel without saving the changes to the family table, click File > Close. If Microsoft Excel prompts you save the changes, click No.