To Create an Instance Index File
1. Save the generic model by clicking File > Save. The system automatically adds the names of all of its instances to the instance index file, without the need to regenerate them. This includes the names of instances in subfamilies, such as instances that have instances.
To add new instance names to the file, you must save the generic after those instances have been regenerated; the instance index file is then updated, including the new instances.
2. Click File > Manage Session > Update Index. The system creates or updates an instance index file for a specified directory (the current working directory is the default).
Update Index creates the instance index file for all generics saved in the specified directory, not for objects that are in session or active in the Main Window.
3. In the Family Table dialog box, click Tools > Verify to facilitate the process of bringing instances into session so that they can be added to the instance index file. Saving the generic after verification causes the names of all instances that were successfully regenerated to be listed in the instance index file for that directory.